Custom Sawing

Custom Sawing is one of the services I offer. I saw with a Woodmizer LT40 band mill that is capable of sawing logs 21’ long and up to 36" in diameter. It is powered by 51 horse power Caterpillar diesel and has all hydraulic log handling capabilities. The mill has computer setworks that produces very accurate lumber.

You can bring your logs to me or I can bring the mill to you.

What can I produce from your logs?

  • Dimensional lumber for building, 2by material for any project.
  • Siding boards
  • Grade hardwood lumber, furniture, craft wood and more.
  • Specialty lumber, thick slabs for table tops, bar tops, ect.
  • Timber frame beams
  • Repair logs for log home

Why a band mill?

  • There are many reasons to use a band mill verses a circle mill;
  • Higher yield; circle mills remove about a 1/4 inch of wood (now sawdust) in every cut. A band mill removes about 1/2 that or about 1/8 inch. Cutting 1inch boards that means 9 boards from a band mill for every 8 from a circle mill.
  • Much lower trucking costs; moving even one semi truck load of logs to a circle mill can be very expensive, a portable band mill can be pulled to the log pile.
  • More ecologically responsible; taking the mill to the logs keeps those large trucks off the road.
  • Personal service; a small portable mill operator can adjust to what the customer wants in real time.

Why Saw It Coming?

  • Because I care about the lumber I produce for you.
  • I am very flexible with scheduling. I will work with you to saw your logs when it is convenient for you.
  • I never stop learning; I keep up with the latest techniques and will share my knowledge with you.
  • I will be at your site when I say I will or I will call you ahead of time if I can not be.
  • SIC services Tompkins, Chemung, Schuyler, Yates, Tioga, Broome counties and more.